Fresh 48 Sessions

Capture your first days together

a "Fresh 48" hospital session is a life style session meant to capture the excitement and joy of those first few days together with your newborn. Remember the moments when you first count those tiny new fingers and toes, the excitement of their first sneeze, and the awe of their first yawn. Have a professional photographer help to freeze all those moments in time when you first fell in love with your new baby. 

What to expect and how to prepare

Fresh 48 sessions

Most hospital stays after delivery are just 24-48hrs and can be a whirlwind of activity. I have worked in many hospitals and have deep respect for the time and coordination it takes for your hospital staff, doctors, and nurses to make sure your stay with them is a pleasant experience. That is why I do my best to work "under the radar". I will work closely with you (or your appointed coordinator) to make sure I arrive for your session at the best time for a relaxed and fun session that does not disrupt the flow of your hospital stay. In fact, my goal is to capture all the memories of heart felt welcomes, first snuggles, first baths, matching wristbands, wrinkled new skin, and inky feet.  Hospital sessions should be scheduled sometime between 12hrs and 24hrs after delivery (with approval from your doctor or nurse).   

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